LeadsCouncil Diversity Spotlight:

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GardHouse was established in 2019 after learning that students of color have been graduating from college twice as likely to be unemployed for the last 50 years. 

Our team leverage the stories of peers and industry expert opinions to identify key factors that led to this systemic crisis:

College students of color were lacking the social capital to further connect them to opportunities.

Available resources were not as easily accessible to due to a lack of awareness, income, or support.

We launched in Charlotte to assist the City in climbing out of an economic mobility deficit. Ranked 50 out of 50 for upward economic mobility, Charlotte’s community leaders developed recommendations that could create necessary change. However, at the time of GardHouse’s inception, there were no work-based programs that primarily focused solely on college students of color


We are a work-based organization that helps black and brown students achieve employment through internships in local minority-owned businesses.

Internships are essential in building a students confidence, knowledge, and awareness within a given industry. We provide access into the careers that students are seeking to enter after graduating college


Are you looking for an internship? GardHouse opens its doors to students of color that are seeking paid internship opportunities here in Charlotte, NC


Have you decided to dedicate time to build up the next generation of workforce leaders? GardHouse connects professionals of color with students seeking guidance.


Does your company seek to reach a new diverse talent pool? GardHouse provides a variety of options for any size business to connect with students of color.

For more information regarding GardHouse’s initiatives, please visit: https://gardhouse.org/