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How does the LeadsCouncil play an essential role in uniting and leading our industry on the measures of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

We start by doing what we do best; providing a platform for awareness and education.

We will leverage the LeadsCouncil website, outreach, network, and Board members to build a centralized hub of resources for the industry to access. This objective falls within our core mission.

By educating and advocating for the things most important to the industry, we support the mission all members are committed to uphold. It starts by speaking up about the problem.


Steps the LeadsCouncil is Taking Immediately:

  • The formation of a task force committed to defining, acting, and measuring the goals of this effort.

  • Supporting the major industry conferences and events to strengthen efforts aimed at addressing Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other diversity-related efforts. We will help connect these events with a more diverse group of industry resources as speakers and content providers.

  • We will provide an area in our Resource Hub dedicated to items such as diversity-related best practices shared by leading companies within the space, as well as, other critical resources related to BLM and diversity-related matters.

  • Supporting efforts of other groups focused on raising awareness and making progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, such as Ladies of LeadsCon and Women of Martech.
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See How Our Members are Uniting and Leading the Industry on the Measures of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Featured Member:


Jornaya, a Verisk business and the leading provider of consumer behavioral data and intelligence with a proprietary view of more than 400 million consumer journeys every month, is committed to taking action in the ongoing fight against social injustice, racism, and discrimination. In early June, our leadership spoke out about their commitment to support justice and equality

We are committed to doing what we can in the ongoing fight against social injustice, racism, and discrimination—wherever and however it exists,” wrote Jornaya COO Todd Nelson in early June after George Floyd’s murder and resulting human and civil rights reawakening. “We are committed to doing all we can with our voice, our finances, and our action to support black and brown communities and will foster a company culture that deeply values and respects diversity and inclusion.”

Learn More About Jornaya

See Our Diversity Subcommittee Featured Members

Statement from LeadsCouncil on Diversity in the Performance Marketing Industry

In the face of countless examples and horrific evidence that reinforces how much work is yet to be accomplished, LeadsCouncil is speaking up to clearly articulate our position and plans regarding diversity in the performance marketing industry. First, though, it is necessary to clearly and loudly state our position: Black Lives Matter! Full stop.

There is a systemic lack of diversity and representation in our community. This issue is not unique to performance marketing or the lead generation sector, but the LeadsCouncil is focused on this sector. As such, we believe it is essential that we add our voice, intention, and leadership to addressing these very real problems.

The lead generation industry's ability to deliver sustainable value, innovation, and continued growth is threatened if we cannot ensure that the best, brightest, and most creative people, regardless of skin color, gender, sexual preference or religion are included in our teams and our industry at all levels of our organizations. To ensure success as individual companies, and as a united industry, we must begin the work together, in earnest, to attract, recruit, develop, and retain the best our country (and beyond) has to offer. The only way to achieve this is to ensure that barriers to inclusion are eliminated, both explicit and implicit. LeadsCouncil and our Board Members believe we must play a central role in helping all companies in our shared industry make the necessary changes.

We do not have all the answers today, and we will get better at ensuring that we remain open to listening, learning, and continued feedback from our members and our industry at-large. These are just a start to our task force's mission committed to fostering change and ensuring a sustained commitment towards making change within our industry.

Lastly, you can do your part by joining LeadsCouncil in making meaningful change. Join a subcommittee, get involved, have a voice. Join our mission today! We are committed to making our voice a better voice! Black Lives Matter. We are stronger together and invite you to join us in the hard work ahead.

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